Lyla May (5 years old)

In case you didn’t know, I’m a mother to none, but an Aunt to many. I have my two nieces and two nephews from my brother and my sister, but then I have Littles in my life that might as well be blood because I love them oh-so-much. My godson, Heath. My adorable and heart-stoppingly perfect Emmylou Elise. And then there’s this little bundle of fire.

Meet Lyla.

If this first picture doesn’t give you a clue as to the attitude she possesses, just get a load of these faces …

Lyla May is the daughter of a dear friend of mine. She and her husband have entrusted Lyla’s photos to me since the time she was born, and it always tugs at my heart strings when it’s time to do photos again – it marks the passing of time, as surely as the change of seasons.

With looks alone, Lyla has the holy trifecta of cuteness – long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, and curls that make you want to tug them to hear if they “boing” when you do. But the best part about Lyla is her mouth – and the endless entertainment it provides. One of the last times I was watching Lyla, she asked me, “Auntie Kate, what’s a soul?”

I stared at her in shock, my mind racing. How do I explain this abstract concept to a four year old? How do I use my acquired cognitive skills, my degrees, my experience, to help Lyla understand what a soul is? So, I did what any good baby-sitter would do. I told her to ask her mom when she got home. Let’s be honest here – I would have preferred it if she had asked me where babies come from – I have a concrete answer for that one!

Now, you’ve met one of my Littles in one of my first-ever blog posts. Thank you, Penni & John, for trusting me to capture these beautiful moments in your daughter’s life. And thank you, Lyla, for being so. gosh. darn. cute!


xoxo – Auntie Kate

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New name, new site – same custom photography!

Now introducing … Click by Kate! When I first began photography, it was a hobby – a hobby that I definitely never predicted would grow into what it is today: a business that challenges me, thrills me, keeps me learning, lets me travel, and has given me many new friends. When I created my first photography website, it was to share some of my favorite images. Over time, it became obvious that the site – and the very long URL! – just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I am so happy to announce my new business name of “Click by Kate” which inspired a new look and many new features. One of the features I hope to embrace and develop is the addition of a blog to share the beauty of my clients, my friends, and the happenings in my life.


I would love to hear what you think … please feel free to leave comments, share with friends, and bookmark this page for future browsing pleasure!




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